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Eco-Innovation R&D Project

To resolve conventional environmental problems and conserve the environment, KEITI supports the development of cutting-edge environmental technologies.

Global Top Environmental Technology Development

  • Technologies for Intelligent water purification system to provide clean water
  • Technologies for advanced wastewater treatment and water reuse
  • Technologies related to eco-friendly cars and green vehicles
  • Waste-to-Resources technologies for waste recycling
  • Non-Carbonate greenhouse gas reduction technologies

Advanced Industrial Technology Development

  • Advanced technologies for environmental purification of industrial pollutants
  • User-oriented technologies development

Public Welfare Technology Development

  • Technologies to provide clean environment for future generations
  • Technologies related to environmental health, resource circulation and environmental policy

Environmental Service Technology Development

  • Technologies that promote sustainable consumption/production and ecomovements
  • Technologies that enable a comprehensive approach to environmental issues by combining environmental technology with natural, social and human sciences