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Global Partnership Programs

To contribute to the global movement of sustainable development, KEITI supports partner countries in moving toward a sustainable society. Sustainable development frameworks in partner countries can improve both local and global environmental conditions.

Exploring Cooperative Projects to Improve Environment in Partner Countries

  • Jointly exploring cooperative fields and projects to meet environmental challenges in partner countries by establishing cooperative networks and carrying out joint research
  • Organizing cooperative seminars and exchanging specialists

Establishing Environment Management Master Plans for Partner Countries

  • Supporting partner countries to draft master plans for environmental improvement in order to find ways for technology transfer and cooperative projects for sustainable development
  • Detailed master plans are devised from the result of intergovernmental discussions. Customization and a comprehensive approach has been applied to suit local environmental conditions as well as to adjust the level of technology

International Cooperation Program for Environmental Technologies

  • Korean environmental technologies are adjusted and modified with careful consideration for the local conditions and environmental regulations.
  • The modification process involves collaboration with related local companies and/or research institutes.

    *Partner Countries : Vietnam in 2007, Indonesia in 2008, Cambodia and Azerbaijan in 2009, Uzbekistan and Tanzania in 2010, Mozambique, Mongolia and Algeria in 2011, Peru, Chile and Bangladesh in 2012, Laos, Myanmar, Colombia and Mexico in 2013

Feasibility Study for Overseas Environmental Projects

  • Supporting feasibility studies that consider environmental status, market, technology and industry of each nation
  • Linking with various aid programs, including Official Development Assistance (ODA), to implement environmental projects