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Eco Label & Green Consumption

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KEITI leads the way to make sustainable society through environmental certification and green consumption.

Eco-Label Certification

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Korea Eco-Label

Eco-Label certifies products that have reduced environmental impacts. This encourages consumers to purchase environmentally friendly products while inducing companies’ voluntary action for environmental improvements in their products.

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Environmental Certification & Verification for Greater Reliability

KEITI spares no efforts in improving people’s quality of life.
The tell-tale example is certification programs for eco-friendly products and services.

  • Certification program run by the government (Ministry of Environment). The program issues eco-label certificates to products that are more environmental compared to other products of the same usage.
  • A voluntary certification system that grants the qualification to display the eco-label logo and  description on the product when the ‘environmentality of the product*’ is improved relative to  other products for the same usage.
  • * The level of impact on the environment, such as the level of emission of pollutants and greenhouse gases,  and the level of consumption of resource /energy in the entire process of manufacturing, consumption, and  disposal of materials and products

Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)

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  • The Environmental Product Declaration System is a system that induces environmental improvement by measuring and displaying the environmental impact of the entire process of products and services, including rejection collection, production, reduction/distribution, use, and disposal, in order to improve the environmental friendliness of products and services.
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  • Low-carbon products refer to cases where the carbon footprint value in the environmental information on the Environmental Product Declaration is below the maximum allowable carbon emissions. If there is no maximum allowable carbon emissions, they refer to products that have achieved a reduction of more than the minimum carbon reduction rate.

Green Building Certification (GBC)

  • For the purpose of achieving sustainable development, operate a system that certifies environmental performance of a building specifically designed so that human and nature can live in harmony